We help the Southern Michigan Railroad in its mission to preserve the Clinton Branch and develop a world-class railway museum. Most of our efforts relate to unique, large projects, allowing SMRS to focus on its core business.



"New" Coach!

This is a game-changer for SMRS. With marketing changes since 2013, SMRS has been crushed with far more customers than it can carry. This coach has 100 seats, and will earn back its purchase price and then some, every year.

Your financial gift will have a multiplying power that's almost unheard of for charitable donations. A $100 gift will earn the organization $125 or more every year!

Coach on crane
On the big hook. Photo R. MacDowell.

This car is very special: It is the last of its kind. NYCRR had 353 of these cars operating on its electric lines, and only 3 survive. This is the only one with electrical equipment intact - two more exist. The car will be restored into New York Central paint. Read more about the car here.

NYC 4303, a similar car
The paint scheme it'll be returned to. Photo Ed Davis, Sr.

Donate to the Project

Your cash donation will pay for the cost of buying and moving the car. It will also help restore the car. You can donate here, via PayPal.

Your gift is 100% tax deductible, except the value of tickets. You may skip tickets if you wish to keep the full deduction.

Interior shot, well worn but acceptable
A sunny afternoon lights the unrestored interior.